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You assigned Charles Amodio (FAZ) Forensic Accountant to this BI loss. I simply wanted to tell you that this guy is a HUGE asset to have on our side. He not only comes significantly experienced at all he’s doing but he’s expeditious on all his responsibilities and is so responsive. And even best yet, he’s a great guy to talk with it. Super individual here all around.

These BI claims can be quite complex and often can get a client confused, agitated and downright mad with when not understanding the ins and outs of what is and what isn’t covered and how the BI formulas can work since there are several ways to ‘skin a cat’ on these type claims but Charles has been a perfect gentleman and the consummate professional with this insured and his efforts thus far.

When the insured heard all of what he’s NOT able to receive as covered on this BI claim he took it well in stride simply because after he and I, with Charles conferenced a few calls so that our insured could understand how Charles formulated his figures, our client respected Charles simply because he ‘made sense’ on all he said and made the insured feel at ease knowing Charles was a ‘good guy’ and knew his trade and made the numbers simply to understand how arrived at, etc…

And then once we were done, Charles then thought of a possible expense that he could add after knowing that his rents were not forgiven by the landlord during this downtime and took the time to circle back and ask more questions to try and help further on his continued expenses incurred.

In short Charles is PERFECT at what he does. And Preferred Mutual should know this. I’ve made it appoint to share Charles contact info with all of our carriers here at our agency simply because he took a difficult situation, in not only having a business shut down during a water claim, not caused by the insured at the most busiest time of year for a restaurant, but took the time to explain in huge detail every single number and how to arrive at his figures, easily understandable and with much empathy for the insured in how he approached this.

I know I was lucky to have him. Preferred should be too. A fair man. Even if the insured thought he was going to receive nearly double what Charles came up with – that is s skill most never learn to have.

Justin M. BaldaufProperty Claim Leader at Preferred Mutual