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Litigation Support

Playing a crucial role in legal cases involving financial disputes, fraud investigations, and other financial irregularities.

At FAZ, we are often called upon to provide expert testimony and assistance to legal professionals in such cases. Here are some key services that FAZ can do to support litigation:

Financial Analysis and Investigations:

FAZ investigates financial records, transactions, and documents to identify irregularities, fraud, or financial misconduct. We analyze financial data to uncover discrepancies and potential evidence for litigation.

Forensic Auditing:

Conducting audits with a focus on uncovering financial irregularities, such as embezzlement, financial statement fraud, or money laundering. These audits are often more in-depth and specific than standard financial audits.

Expert Witness Testimony:

At FAZ we serve as expert witnesses in court, providing testimony on financial matters. During this process we explain complex financial concepts to judges and juries and offer our expert opinions on the financial aspects of the case. An expert witness is a professional who possesses specialized knowledge, training, and experience in a particular field, in this case, forensic accounting. 

Asset Tracing:

In cases involving hidden assets, we can trace and locate assets to ensure that all financial information is presented in court. This is particularly important in divorce cases or cases involving fraud.

Damage Assessment:

We assess the financial damages suffered by a party in a legal dispute. This involves calculating the financial losses or economic harm caused by the alleged wrongful actions.

Fraud Detection and Prevention:

We can help businesses establish fraud prevention measures and internal controls to minimize the risk of financial fraud and irregularities.

Settlement Support:

We assist in negotiating settlements by providing financial analysis and expertise to both parties, helping them arrive at a fair resolution without going to trial.

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